Attractive privilege is being able to feel good about your body. 

Attractive privilege is being able to go into a restaurant without people giving you strange looks.

Attractive privilege is not having entire campaigns dedicated to eradicating your face type.

Attractive privilege is knowing boys would rather have sex with you.

Attractive privilege is getting tips when you work at a strip club.

I used to work at a strip club in Los Angeles. At most strip clubs, strippers work as independent contractors that earn their pay through tips, lap dances, private dances, the works. When I worked there for a month, I barely got any tips. Was this because I was the only fat stripper there? Felt like it.

I feel like the club should have been more active in making sure I got a fair pay while I worked there. Fat people should have just as much of a chance as earning money in stripping as their thin counterparts. 

Why we need to start talking about attractive privilege

When someone rejects me because of my fat. Why is my fat the deciding factor when I look for a boyfriend?

Or why my face?

My teeth?

My clothes?

Or any other superficial things that supposedly make up attractiveness.