Attractive privilege is not having to find someone’s answer to “If one of your potential matches were overweight, would that be a dealbreaker?” before messaging them on OkCupid.

Attractive privilege is not having the first question you ask yourself after any negative social interaction (being picked last for a [non-athletic] team, disinterest in your opinion, sub-par service) be: Is it because I’m ugly?

Attractive privilege is having an “attractive” body type. Why can’t fat be considered beautiful? Who decided fat was ugly? 

Attractive privilege is not having people call you beautiful ironically.

Attractive privilege is the belief that ugly people ‘let themselves’ get ugly.  

Attractive privilege is having one of your best friends like a guy and see him give off signals that he may too, only to find out from one of his guy friends he wants someone who is “pretty” that he could “have sex” with, someone who is “attractive”, which is code for not ugly apparently. As if ugly women can’t do any of those things, as if the only way to know if you’re attractive is by your face…disgusting.